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The Broken Glass gang has received tons of beautiful fan art, displayed here. Keep it coming, folks. It's always good to see your interpretations of the characters.

And, just incidently, some Broken Glass fan fiction would be really cool!


Faub's Broken Glass Gallery:

Faub's BG Gallery

Faub and I had a little art conversation...I sent him this, he sent me this, and I sent him this. ^.^

That's as far as we got, though.

Featherrat's Broken Glass Gallery:

Poem:  "Misery" Poem: "Tastes Like Antiseptic" Featherat's BG Gallery

Heide Leigh's Broken Glass Gallery:

Heide Leigh's BG Gallery Cast Postcards by Heide Heide Leigh's Doll Gallery

Maria and Michelle's Broken Glass Gallery:

The gift art from Maria and Michelle of Shonen ai Kudasai was all part of an X-mas package! >^.^<


Fan Art Gallery:

Please hover the cursor above the thumbnail to read the title and artist's name. Click to view complete image..

"Little Misery" by Echo "Embrace" by Vermin "Embrace 2" by Vermin By Chris Mouajes: X-Mas art Keenolympix by Llyriel "ladydarke" by CJ BUrgundy "Misery" by Arkady Rose

"Misery" by Willow_the_Wanderer "Misery" by Deva "Misery and  Pride" by Verity