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Link to Broken Glass if you like the comic. Besides, we all know Misery gets around. ^.~

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Benzion makes a guest appearance! It came about when the creator posted on the Comic Genesis forum looking to borrow a jerk for her comic... I volunteered Benzion. You can read the thread here.  Go check it out! Benzion is right in character.

In many ways this is Broken Glass' sister site, echoing some of the themes.  Beautiful art. also has up a crossover between broken glass and faub - same one as visible on Broken Glass.

Nicely spun story weaving together several fairy tale characters in a macabre search for the missing moon.  You've got to see little red riding hood: the quintessential victim turned right around.

Features a vampire character that reminds me of a very meek version of Misery. Worth reading for the gorgeous black and white art alone.

-Appears to be a story about insanity, but the worlds and realities are twisted so well that the reader goes as mad as the protaganist.  beautifully rendered story and full colour art; it will make you doubt your own sanity.
The Slogan alone was enough to get me to click. it has another one I like - "Angels prefer 9mm." Story is developing nicely.
Evil humour.
Eversummer Eve This is now a pay site, although the current day's posting is free.  gorgeous manga-style art, fantastic storyline.  Worth the money, if you have it.
Arcana Story about vampires and harpies, the comic version has ended in the middle although the creator has finished it in prose.
Demonology101 Huge archives.  Settle in for a long read about the life of a little demon girl named Raven.
  for lonely goths.

Problems with Spyware?  Browser been hijacked?  These beautiful people provide a free fix, but donate if you can afford it.  They deserve it.
Satirical fantasy.  Wit sharpened to a sword point.  Read it.
BoyMeetsBoy This comic has ended, but the archives are still there.
Utukki Updates slowly and sporadically, but worth the wait.
Go find your own favourites!


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